Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Latest Sunsets in U.S. Eastern Time Zone...

Recently, I noticed that our days have now begun to shorten. However, our sunset here in Louisville still remains at 9:10pm edt. Starting this Thursday, sunset will be at 9:09 and it's all downhill from there.

Have you wondered what the latest sunset is in the Eastern Time zone?

First, here is a map...

Michigan time zone map

On the map above, notice that the U.P. of Michigan resides in the westernmost part of the Eastern Time zone. In addition, it is located pretty far north. So I tried to locate the most western AND northern points of the Eastern Time zone and came up with these results...

Isle Royale National Park MI - 10:00pm
Ontonagon MI - 9:56pm

This time, click on the map above. Notice Ontonagon, then locate Ironwood to the southwest. Ironwood resides in the Central Time zone. Isle Royale National Park is a small island located about 48 miles northwest of the U.P. mainland. It has to be one of the farthest northwestern points within the Eastern Time zone.

Here are some honorable mentions for sunset times within the Eastern Time zone...
Calumet MI - 9:54pm
Houghton MI - 9:54pm
Marquette MI - 9:47pm



  1. You should do a thing on the earliest sunset. In estern maine the sun sets at like 3pm in january.

  2. new york, specifically long island has some early winter sunsets....around 4pm between november and january...

  3. It depends on the time of year. In the winter, the latest sunset is likely to be in Port St. Joe, Florida because the earth's axis is tilted away from the far reaches of the northern hemisphere. In the summer, it would be in the U.P. This time of year (late winter/spring), it's actually in the Emison/Bruceville region of Indiana.

  4. Like the research. Would point out though that on the map most of far west Texas (El Paso area) is actually in the Mountain TZ


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