Thursday, March 30, 2017

Severe Weather Chances

Well, a few days ago, this looked like quite the setup for a more widespread severe weather event. However, I've learned to wait and see if all of the 'ingredients' will be in place by showtime.

In this case, data as well as observation may be verifying that not all of the ingredients will be present after all. Instability will be hindered somewhat by clouds. The strongest energy resides north of the region.

I do think a Severe Thunderstorm Watch should be issued. But, a widespread event appears not as likely as once thought.

I am not going to say that the Enhanced region for severe weather is overdone by the SPC, I just think that the chances for a widespread event are going down. Yes, several warnings may be issued, but actual storm reports may come in smaller numbers this time around.

I believe the squall line will put out possible 40-50 mph winds. This will cause some tree damage and/or power issues. A sporadic gust above 50 mph is possible. Still, not a widespread event.


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Welcome to the Spring Page...Sorry to Hear About Storm Chasers

Still have not fully loaded the Spring page, but updates are forthcoming.

Just wanted to take this opportunity to express my condolences to the families and the weather community over the loss of the storm chasers involved in a tragic car accident.

One storm chaser, Kelley Williamson, was a popular regular for The Weather Channel. I really enjoyed his video footage and reports.

I could not help but notice his rustic drawal when he would report on a storm he was chasing. His voice reminded me of Larry the Cable Guy.

Definitely will miss his enthusiasm and love for weather.


Monday, March 20, 2017

MikJournal Monday 03/20/2017...Last Post For Winter Page



Well, it's that time of year. Right now I hear the birds singing and chirping. We have already 'sprung' forward to Daylight Savings Time. So, without further adieu, let's move on to Spring and forget about this most recent so-called winter.

Okay, you're right. Just one more post about this past winter. After all, it still may snow between now and summer, even here in Kentucky. It's not common, but not impossible either.

If you follow my blog, you will note a running total on the side of the blog with our regional seasonal snowfall amounts, which has been currently updated as of the 19th of March.

Whitesburg, in eastern Kentucky, came in at 9.0". The lowest was Bowling Green, which came in at 0.7". I should have included the northern part of our region, like the Covington area, in with the snowfall amounts, because Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky (or the Covington area) came in at 10.0".

Yes, it is possible other locations may have recorded a higher high and lower low than the ones I follow, but this is just a representation of how our region performed in terms of snowfall, which was puny compared to the last few years.

On the other hand, the mountains in the western U.S. and parts of the Northeast had a banner season for snowfall. I will be updating some seasonal totals as a tribute or farewell in a couple months or so. It's a lot of data. But, at least I won't have to include our totals 😌

How about this March, huh? Louisville has recorded 9 consecutive days of below normal temperatures. That's right. The month of March is below normal for the month, as of this writing. But, is that about to change?

Signs of Spring are back at the drawing table. After a disastrous spell of damaging cold to the young sprouts of early blooming fruit trees and other flowering plants, warmer air is poised to move back into the region. Still, a few hiccups of cold air will penetrate into our region, but overall, it's looking like an above-average trend will be settling in.

Here's a look at the current CPC outlook for April....

In addition, the rest of the month should average out above normal, again with a few hiccups of cold air. Moisture will be more abundant than what we have had recently as well. But, our days of recording any appreciable snowfall is dwindling.

Looking ahead to my Spring page, here's a glimpse of what you may see....

Total Reports = 188
Tornadoes = 12
Hail Reports = 11
Wind Reports = 165


2017 2016 2015 2014 3-yr avg
Preliminary Actual Actual Actual Actual
JAN 141 - 17 28 4 16
FEB 115 - 102 3 42 39
MAR 111 - 86 11 20 38
APR - - 141 171 129 146
MAY - - 216 381 130 242
JUN - - 86 184 286 185
JUL - - 107 115 85 102
AUG - - 90 45 33 55
SEP - - 38 17 41 31
OCT - - 20 40 73 45
NOV - - 50* 99 23 63
DEC - - 18* 83 20 39
--- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----
SUM 367 - 971 1177 886 1041

One more...

Tornado Deaths
2017 2016 2015 2014 3-yr avg
JAN 20 2 0 0 1
FEB 4 7 0 0 2
MAR 0 0 1 0 0
APR - 1 2 35 13
MAY - 2 7 0 3
JUN - 0 0 2 1
JUL - 0 0 4 1
AUG - 0 0 0 0
SEP - 0 0 0 0
OCT - 0 0 1 0
NOV - 5 0 0 2
DEC - 0 26 5 10
--- -- -- -- -- --
SUM 24 17 36 47 33
Come back and check out my Spring page, beginning soon. I will have severe reports, rainfall totals, drought status, record highs and lows, and so forth.
Have a good week.


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Brief Weather News

Paducah, KY doubled its snowfall totals for the snow calendar year that runs from July 1 - June 30, from 0.2" to 0.4", after yesterday's whopping, shutdown amount. And you thought we, in central Kentucky have not had much snow.

Closing out February, Kentucky had recorded a total of 4 preliminary severe weather reports, even a confirmed tornado near Cadiz, in western Kentucky. Well, we've added to that over the last several days....

Total Reports = 186
Tornadoes = 10
Hail Reports = 11
Wind Reports = 165

Brutal weather atop Mount Washington, NH, home of the world's worst weather, as the claim goes. High temperature of -13 and low of -35 yesterday. If that wasn't bad enough, throw in an average wind speed of 78 mph and a gust of 115 mph! I bet there wasn't too many hikers there yesterday.

Good news for California....Their water year, which runs from October 1 through September 30, is off to a record start. The October - February period for statewide average precipitation came in at 27.81", the wettest first 5 months of the water year since at least 1900.

In addition, here is the March 7, 2017 drought report...

U.S. Drought Monitor forCalifornia

That's amazing when you compare that to last year's map on March 8, 2016...

Have a nice Sunday. March Madness is about to begin. Go Cats. Go Cards. Let's hope we don't have to play Northern Kentucky.


Thursday, March 2, 2017

Peak Wind Gusts for March 1, 2017

Site IDCountyPeak Gust
CRRLCarroll79 mph
PRYBGraves77 mph
PRNCCaldwell77 mph
VESTKnott68 mph
CROPShelby68 mph
HRDBMercer64 mph
HCKMFulton63 mph
PGHLChristian61 mph
LGRNOldham60 mph
ELSTMadison60 mph
HUEYBoone60 mph
ZIONTodd59 mph
SCTVAllen58 mph
MRRYCalloway57 mph
CCLAHardin57 mph
WLBTMorgan56 mph
SWZRSimpson56 mph
CLSLNicholas55 mph
PVRTMcLean52 mph
HDYVHart52 mph
CADZTrigg51 mph
ERLNHopkins51 mph
CHTRLewis50 mph
DRFNMarshall49 mph
MRHDRowan49 mph
LGNTLincoln49 mph
WSHTMason49 mph
RPTNCrittenden48 mph
DANVBoyle48 mph
OLINJackson47 mph
DORTPike47 mph
RBSNHarrison46 mph
WDBYButler46 mph
CCTYMuhlenberg46 mph
CMBAAdair46 mph
PRSTBath46 mph
WNCHClark45 mph
LSMLFranklin45 mph
BRNDMeade44 mph
BNGLTaylor44 mph
HTFDOhio44 mph
LUSALawrence44 mph
LRTOMarion43 mph
FARMWarren43 mph
FCHVShelby43 mph
BNVLOwsley42 mph
HHTSCampbell42 mph
LXGNFayette42 mph
HDGVLaRue41 mph
SWONOwen41 mph
FRNYUnion39 mph
RSVLLogan39 mph
MROKBarren38 mph
MQDYBreckinridge38 mph
GRHMHenderson38 mph
GRDRCumberland37 mph
PSPGWarren37 mph
BLRKGrayson36 mph
PCWNCasey36 mph
CRMTBullitt36 mph
WTBGLetcher36 mph
RNDHMetcalfe35 mph
ALBNClinton33 mph
FLRKMcCreary32 mph
QKSDBreathitt31 mph
BTCKJohnson29 mph
BMBLKnox29 mph


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Widespread Damage From Severe Storms

Perhaps the most prolific storm event(s) to affect the entire state since January 29-30, 2013.

I don't want to forget our friends in southern Indiana, either.

Widespread damage primarily associated with a grand finale squall line packing winds of 60-80 mph wreaked havoc for Louisville's morning commute and getting those kiddos safely to school.

Scores of local storm reports keep coming in statewide.

Already, Louisville NWS will be conducting several damage surveys today and tomorrow. I am sure Jackson NWS will be doing the same.

I am going out shortly and review the damage to my part of southwest Jefferson County.


MikJournal Monday 02/25/2019...Drying Out

What a wet pattern we have been enduring. Will we finally dry out? Welcome to another installment of MikJournal Monday, the 25th of February...