Friday, June 29, 2012

All-Time Record High for June

Unofficially, Louisville has reached 105 degrees and Bowling Green 110 degrees. Both are all-time record high temperatures for the month of June.


Heat-Busting T'storms Northern Indiana

5:30pm Update
Storm update:
70-90 mph winds reported with this line
Power out to entire towns in Ohio and eastern IN
Dayton and Columbus also reporting damage
Damage reports include:
Full barn collapse with 30' x 40' roof's sections in the nearby trees
Severe roof damage in Delaware county
Large tree blocking roadway; motorists using sidewalk to drive around this thing
4:10pm Update
Major MCS moving thru eastern IN into Ohio. Dayton looks to be next in line. 91 mph wind gust measured at Ft Wayne IN. Too many reports of damage along its path to include in this post. Marion IN, Ft Wayne IN are just a few of the larger cities being impacted. Trees and wires down. Additional reports of 70-90mph winds along this line.
In northern Indiana around Marshall county, just south of South Bend near Plymouth, trees and lines down. Report of tree on a house; tree on a trailer home. Medic and Fire being dispatched. Live wire burning at another location.

'Very high winds' according to local law enforcement.

SR 210 east of Pine, motorcycle down without driver. Could be weather-related.

I may provide updates for the area as warranted; otherwise, I'll follow the storm's progression as it moves east and southeast.


Still Below Normal???

At Louisville, the temperature reached an all-time record high for the month of June with 103 degrees on Thursday. We could likely reach that today or exceed it by a degree if any developing storms stay away from the area.

We have had 11 days with temperatures at or above 90 degrees this month. However, according to the NWS Louisville office, our AVERAGE temperature, which takes into account high and low temperatures, is 75.2 degrees or 0.2 degrees BELOW normal for the month. Amazing!

How can this be? First, we had a cool start to the month. Next, with all of the dry air in place and a worsening drought, temperatures soar in the afternoon and fall off quickly after sunset. Yesterday, we had a 36 degree spread between the high (103) and the low (67).

By the end of the month, though, the average temperature will most likely come out slightly above normal.

I'm curious whether we'll see any of those storms firing close to our area. I sure could use some rain.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Records Breaking...

9:45pm UPDATE
Louisville KY 103 degrees set Thursday June 28 breaks all-time record high for the month of June.

Dodge City KS set an all-time record high temperature of 111 degrees yesterday.
Hill City KS set a record at 115 degrees.

Gainesville FL 16.34" All-time record June rainfall

Paducah KY 54 degrees was a record low for the date on Wednesday. During the afternoon, the temperature soared to 98 degrees, marking the 14th consecutive day of 90 or higher. Paducah has only received 1.85" since April 1. This compares to 1.42" at Albuquerque NM, although they have only received 2.28" for the year so far. Paducah has received about 11.59" for the year.

Temperatures are expected to break the century mark in many locations over the next few days. Records are going to fall.

Dry conditions will lead to fire issues across the state. Those handling fireworks should be aware of their surroundings and pay attention to any potential areas where fires could ignite accidentally; otherwise, we call that 'negligence'.

Be careful out there...


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Packing Some High Heat

A huge bubble of hot air is moving into the region. With it comes the hottest air of the young summer season along with a drying ground that will easily push temperatures near and above the century mark.

In fact, the next 3 days (28-30), temperatures are expected to reach at least 100 degrees. If this does occur, Louisville will at least tie a rare June record of '3 days at or above 100 degrees for the month'. The only other time Louisville has reached 100 degrees 3 times during the month of June was in the year 1914.

In addition to the heat, Louisville has only recorded 0.79" for the month of June while Bowling Green has recorded a meager 0.65". Putting that into perspective, for Louisville, IF no rain occurs for the rest of the month, this month will go down as the 5th driest June on record. Similarly, for Bowling Green, it would be their 3rd driest month on record.

Across the Corn Belt, for parts of Illinois and Indiana, corn is showing signs of summer stress already. For the foreseeable future, warmer and drier than normal readings are expected.

For additional agricultural interests, click here.

Use common sense while exposed to the heat. You know the usual...take plenty of breaks, loose, light-colored clothing, no alcohol, keep an eye on young children and check on the elderly, and don't forget about your pets.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Florida In the News

Tropical moisture from Debby is impacting the Florida coastline. Tornado warnings are in effect near Sebring. Meanwhile, Tampa has recorded over 5.5" of rain today including 2" just during the past hour (2-3pm).

Pensacola is going to be right on the edge of intense rain bands. Future forecasts may bring those heavier bands westward toward the area. Remember, Pensacola has already received nearly 18" for the month. They only need some 6" or so to break their all-time wettest month set back in April 2005.

Sure would be nice to see some of that rain here. Looks like it won't happen according to current forecasts. However, minor rain chances do exist for the next 24 hours that will introduce somewhat cooler temperatures for a couple of days.

Don't get used to that though. Hot temperatures are expected by the end of the week as a hot ridge builds in from the west, producing readings that will approach the 100 degree mark.

Stay cool out there....


Sunday, June 10, 2012

That's What I Call A 'Frog-Strangler'

Wow...some areas in the panhandle of Florida are really getting swamped with heavy rains.
24-hour totals have been very impressive with Pensacola receiving over 13" of rain, good enough for 2nd wettest 24-hour total on record.

I've seen some reports of over 20" in west Pensacola. In addition, over 14" has fallen in Milton, where some of us may remember holds the 24-hour snowfall record for Florida at 4.0" ( at the Experimental Station).

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