Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rain Totals Sept 25-27 2012

Here's a brief list of rain totals around the region...starting Sept 25 at midnight ending Sept 27 at noon.

Fairdale HS - 2.14" (MSD gauge)

Louisville Int'l - 1.55"

Hite Creek Water Quality Treatment Ctr - 3.11"

Valley Station (my house) - 2.24"


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Death Valley CA Hottest Place On Earth

After several decades of its controversial claim as the hottest place on Earth, El Azizia in Libya is no longer number one. The World Meteorological Organization along with its international panel of climate experts concluded their investigation and has decided the 136.4 degrees Fahrenheit (58 degrees Celsius) is invalid.

See a list of principal concerns for their decision below.

Therefore, the temperature record of 56.7 degrees Celsius or 134 degrees Fahrenheit at Death Valley (Greenland Ranch) in California is the hottest temperature ever recorded on the planet.

WMO Decision El Azizia Invalid World Heat Record


Friday, September 7, 2012

Nowcast Mode 090712

2:05pm edt
Hail reports are in from central IN, from pea size to penny size. Some wind damage and flooding reports as well near Kokomo IN.
1:35pm edt
Severe T'Storm Watch for parts of central Indiana at this time. This is not associated with the powerful front poised to push through here later this evening and tonight.

Here is a simulated storm report page for the upcoming storms...

Simulated Storm Report Page


Severe Thunderstorm Potential 090812 w/updates

Local media and the NWS Louisville office are already gearing the public for a possible widespread outbreak of severe weather, mainly damaging wind.

As of this writing at 10:30am edt, the SPC still has our region in a slight risk shading. An update will be provided by the SPC by 12:30 to 1:00pm edt.

In addition, to make things more interesting, I'll be posting another look at the potential for severe weather, based on a NAM and GFS perspective, listing a simulated storm reports page. I'll update that as it becomes available early this afternoon.

Check back soon...we'll be going into 'nowcast' mode after 1:00 pm today.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Severe T'Storm Watch Louisville 9/5/12

A resilient MCS continues to cause impact along its path, now into parts of southwest and southern Indiana. As of 3pm edt, warning products are in effect for several counties in southern Indiana and north-central KY.

Listening to scanners, no damage being reported yet in Perry and Spencer counties of Indiana. However winds have been quite gusty along this line, at least 40-50 mph.

I'll pass any damage reports as they become available.

The T'Storm Watch expires at 11pm edt or when severe weather is no longer possible.


Monday, September 3, 2012

September 2012 - First 2 Weeks BELOW NORMAL Temps???

When you get a moment, review the temperature and precipitation outlook for the region below from the Climate Prediction Center. The one thing that stands out to me is the period from September 8-16 as temperatures are expected to be below normal.

You know, it's been awhile since Louisville's monthly mean temperature has averaged below normal. Although August 2012's temperatures came out about normal, I had to go back to October 2011 to find a month that recorded below normal temperatures. That's 11 consecutive months of normal to above normal temperatures!

I'm looking forward to a respite from the heat of our past summer. Football season and cooler temperatures are a perfect combination. Bring it on!!

Climate Prediction Center Outlook


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rain Totals Through 9pm 9/2/12 *Isaac's Remnants*

Although the areal coverage of the greatest precipitation is waning, I just received the heaviest period of rain since the precip's beginning yesterday. Within the past hour, here in Valley Station, I've just added over an inch of rain to yesterday's 1" plus amounts.

While I'm still awaiting for the rain to subside, a nearby pumping station in Valley Station is not recording any more rainfall at the moment. They have recorded 1.22" today in addition to yesterday's 1.13" for a 2-day total of 2.35".

Okay, the rain is fairly insignificant right now at my place. I have recorded 1.65" today (1.15" in the past hour). That gives me a 2-day running total of 2.81".

Fairdale High School is just 10 minutes away from my location and has recorded over 2.5" for the past two days and is still raining hard.

I'm also seeing Mesonet sites in the viewing area that are recording between 1.7 and 1.85" since midnight just south and southeast of Louisville.

NWS radar estimates are also verifying these heavy rain amounts for the southern and southwestern parts of Jefferson county.

More updates possibly later.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Heavy Rains From Isaac w/Updates

11:30pm Update
Rain totals since midnight....

Jefferson county KY
Valley Station (my house) - 1.16"
Valley Station (MSD gauge) - 1.13"
Fairdale High School (MSD gauge) - 1.47"
Louisville Int'l - 0.99"

Other locations....
Paducah KY - 1.84" (rain still falling)

8pm Update
My rainfall total today has been 1.16" here in Valley Station....Look below for additional totals (some will be since midnight).

In Valley Station, just southwest of Louisville Int'l, we have already picked up about 1". I'll be providing some updates from Mesonet sites as well as Louisville MSD rain gauges.

Or you can check them out yourself by clicking below:

Lousville MSD rain gauges

KY Mesonet Precip since midnight


Isaac's Remnants to Affect Our Area Soon

1:00pm UPDATE
In Valley Station, just received my first downpour associated with the remnants of Isaac. Only lasted a couple of minutes and deposited 0.10"

Rainfall amounts up to 0.50" were reported just west of Louisville between Grayson county KY and Crawford county IN. Look for these scattered bands to shift eastward today.

Taking a look at the morning clouds, I've noticed the traditional harbinger for the likelihood of rain today. 'If you see numerous cumulus clouds in the morning and winds are from the south (SE or SW included), expect rain in your area.'

In addition to the low-level stratocumulus, I've noticed an increase in higher cumulus clouds. Some of these may actually dissipate by early afternoon, but the moisture in definitely in place. Strong heating should lead to likely development of storms this afternoon.

Rainfall amounts may actually be heavier today than yesterday's scattered coverage nearby. I think isolated areas could see 1-2" in 'training bands' just today.


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